Gion Kyuraku invites the world travelers, families, and friends that want to experience a Traditional Kyoto Living.

 Gion Kyuraku 
 Vacation Rental
Beautifully Restored Machiya 
located in Gion/Kiyomizu Area, Kyoto
Gion Kyuraku, nearly a century old Kyo-Machiya
that was once a tea-master's residence
located in the historical district of Kyoto, Gion/Kiyomizu.
It has been restored to its original splendor
in conjunction with modern amenities, contemporary comforts,
consideration of the environment, along with state-of-art entertainment,
and communication infrastructure.
Gion Kyuraku has been completely modernized
with the assistance of many traditional trades people which comprise of
Kyo-daiku, (traditional carpenters), plasterers, Japanese Garden designer,
and countless other traditional craftsmen.
The result is a Kyo-Machiya that is functional for the sophisticated world traveler,
the family that wants to experience a traditional machiya stay,
and the traveler that does not want the usual hotel type accommodations.
We invite you to experience the uniqueness of a Kyo-machiya,
along with the comforts of modern living at Gion Kyuraku.


Tsuboniwa - Garden


We feel so fortunate to have met Mr. Sano, the landscape architect, to design our garden at Gion Kyuraku. Mr. Sano was selected as one of the top 100 gardeners for the book called “Contemporary Japanese Gardens 100 Gardens by 100 Japanese Landscape Architects”, and the photo book was published in December 2014. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Sano for selecting our garden for the book.

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