Luxurious Time in Ohara, Kyoto

Ohara is a picturesque village surrounded by beautiful nature in northern Kyoto, which is about an hour away from the city center.  The beauty in ancient time still exists here in Ohara as the beauty and visitors coming to Ohara enjoy its history and preserved nature.  Some historic sites also invite visitors such as Sanzenin, Jikkoin, Hosenin, Shorinin etc... which are within a short walking distance from Ohara Sensui, our vacation rental.  Ohara promises all the visitors for a relaxing and soothing stay.

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According to historical records, Ohara Area is traced back to the 8th century and prospered as a village connecting the city center and the northern coastal villages.
Kenreimonin Tokuko who was the mother of the young emperor, Emperor Antoku, in the Heian Period (795-1195) came to Jakkoin in Ohara after all her family, the Heike clan was overthrown, and mourn for the family. 
Ohara people wanted her to remember the old days when the Heike clan had been in power and gave the purple-colored pickles called Shibazuke.  Purple is the color which only people in high position were allowed to wear; so Kenreimonin Tokuko appreciates the pickles and calls them Murasakiha (purple leaves in Japanese) pickles. 
A while after, the pickles stared to be called Shibazuke (another reading way of Murasakiha in Japanese).  Shibazuke pickles are well-known products in Ohara to this day.



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We would like to express our sincere sympathy to all those affected by the COVID-19, and hope everything is controlled and is back to normal very soon worldwide.
We are taking steps to protect the safety of guests and staff.

    • Implementation of body temperature and health check when on duty.
    • Mandatory wearing of masks
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Please be advised that we are continuing the precautions so our guests can enjoy staying at Ohara Sensui.

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